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Awarded Top New Release in Public Finance Category

The Student Loan Debt Solution 
A New American Paradigm
By Rory Curtis

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     Imagine a new America not that different from the old one, but one where old negative patterns of thinking would be replaced by new and more empathetic ones. America would graduate from the computer age and enter the age of kindness. Hunger, illiteracy, homelessness, crime, abortion, and racism would be impacted beyond measure. There would be no national debt and student loans would become obsolete and non-existent.  It's not science-fiction. It's A New American Paradigm. 

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 5  Stars - Ron G.
Thinking Outside the Box

   "I found the ideas Rory explained in his book amazing. He touched on many subjects but his focal points on student loan debt and the New American Paradigm make so much sense. It is a win win for everyone.
Getting the politicians to come together on this could be the beginning of a greater nation.
Great, easy read and if we can spread the word that is a beginning. I will be passing it on to friends and family."

5 Stars - Pamela G.

   "Love his ideas to deal with Americas problems. It is a simple idea that would work but we need people with the power to start a pilot project that could be expanded. Everyone should read it but especially politicians, charities and religious organizations."

5 Stars - KJSCUDE
Solving the Student Debt Crisis In A Creative, Impactful Way

"The idea put forth by Rory is very intriguing and shines a spotlight on how America views investment in education and how actions by government has had unintended consequences resulting in trillions of dollars of debt that the country is suffering under - not just the borrowers. The ripple effect touches all of our lives and the lives of generations to come. It’s thought-provoking and my hope is that it will spur conversations and ultimately policy changes that will enrich our collective lives."

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